VIVACE LOGISTICA, accompanies businesses in the development of their logistic projects both nationally and internationally. This collaboration or partnership promotes an interchange of knowledge and a transfer of know-how and procedures.


Commitment is the second pillar of the philosophy of VIVACE LOGISTICA. The entire staff of VIVACE LOGISTICA, has friendly and professional service as its vocation. Commitment drives the ability to respond and the teams’ involvement with defining and implementing the logistic solutions. In short, it is what enables us to respond to the most complex logistic challenges, and to make it possible for our customers to achieve significant cost reductions.


VIVACE LOGISTICA innovates and
invests. The digital transformation produces new needs for logistic organisation, for which VIVACE LOGISTICA offers appropriate responses. The infrastructures and e-logistic solutions offered by VIVACE LOGISTICA accompany and implement these changes, and respond pro-actively to these new demands. Together, faced with a world in constant transformation, we envisage the logistics of the future.

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