Our best competitive advantage: our HUMAN TEAM, who will offer you the best service in a friendly and professional manner.

At VIVACE LOGISTICA we attach great importance to people, making long-term career plans and providing continuous training so that, together, we can offer the best service to our customers.

  • The TECHNOLOGY for managing warehouses and the most advanced IT systems. Through our website, and in real time, we offer you access to the activities connected with your own merchandise; you can see the entries and exits of each article, the current stock levels, the printing of order forms, despatches and the status of the transport services deliveries.

At VIVACE LOGISTICA we are continually investing in our warehouse-management software and in analysing the management of the service, using Business Intelligence tools, at the service of our customers.

  • TRACKING of your MERCHANDISE from the moment it enters our premises until its delivery to the end-user. We track your products from their entry into our warehouses, with a single record, tracking by dates of entry/exit, reference, EAN code, batch and expiry date if applicable.
  • PICKING MACHINERY in accordance with your needs.

At VIVACE LOGISTICA we invest in picking machinery as our customers’ activity increases. We have eight different types of carrousels, adapted to each of the services specific needs, and to address to the increasing demand, which conventional, manual methods cannot deal with on the same day.

We take care of the SUPPLY CHAIN of your products. How?

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